Hier findet ihr alle meine Nagellacke. Wenn der Lack blau geschrieben ist, ist ein Swatch dazu verlinkt.
Viel Spaß beim Stöbern. :)

Circus Elephant

110 Mysterious Woman
146 Oscar's Choice
218.20 Friends Forever
244 Naked Venus
246 Endless Love
350 Secret Love
368.50 Fitting Room
159 Twist & Shout (Lollipop Nailart LE)
244.20 Another Love (Pure Cashmere LE)
405.70 Something Blue (Just Married LE)

Couture Red Oxide

Fashion Studio  008 Mint Candy (Candy Collection)
Fashion Studio 324 Nice Saffron (India Collection)
Fashion Studio 325 Intense Clove (India Collection)
Fashion Studio 340 Love Pondichery (India Collection)
Qick & Go! 360 Iris
Quick & Shine 103 Sweet Home
Quick & Shine 302 Glass of Wine

Barry M
303 Bright Purple
354 Amethyst Glitter
Confetti Nail Effects 1 Dolly Mixture
Confetti Nail Effects 2 Liquorice
Croc Effects 323
Nail Effects 316

Beauty Women
Fizz Balls
Love Lola
Parma Violet
Victoria's Favourite

Violet Illusion (Holographic LE)

010 Don't Feed The Birds
03 Papa Don't Peach
09 Hugo Moss
060 Bloody Mary To Go
12 Walk The Lime
13 Shopping Day At Bluemingdales
20 Meet Me At Coral Island 
24  The GlamoureX Factor
25 Robert's Red Ford
26 Raspberryfiels Forever
30 Lilactric
35 Petrolpolitan
36 Mint Me Up
38 Vino Tinto
40 I'm Dynamite
41 Two Million Dollar Baby
43 Miami pINK
46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore
48 Emerald Bay
55 Get The Blues
56 Minter Wonderland
57 Karl Says Très Chic
59 First Class Up-Grape
60 Out of the Dark
61 Greige! The New Beige
64 It's Time For Lovender
82 A Gallon Of Melon
86 (S)Wimbledon 
87 One Mint Wonder
90 She Said Yes In Her Red Dress
99 Sweet Macaron Sin
102 London Town At Sundown
105 Go For Gold!
116 GREYzy in Love
140 Let's Mauve On!
240 Sold Out Forever
250 Smooth Chocolate
270 It Blue My Mind!
280 London's Weather Forecast 
330 Absolutely Chinchilly
350 Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans!
400 Blue Cara Ciao
420 Dirty Berry 
460 In The Bronx
480 Miss Piggy Reloaded
600 After Eight
620 Captain Sparrow's Boat
660 I'm A Star...
690 Fred Said Red
820 Pimp My Shrimp
840 Genius In The Bottle
875 It's All I Can Blue
910 Oh My Godness!
Absolute Nudes 04 Apropos Coco
Crushed Crystals 01 Royal REDding
Luxury Lacquers 01 Champaign Rain
Luxury Lacquers 02 Mrs. Boombastic
Luxury Lacquers 04 Pink Charming
Luxury Lacquers 04 Lost 'N Roses 
Luxury Lacquers 06 Bronze Upon A Time
Luxury Lacquers 07 Stars & Stories
Luxury Lacquers 08 Thunder From Down Under
Luxury Lacquers C15 Holo My Hand
Luxury Nudes 01 White & Bright
Luxury Nudes 04 Your Fresh Apri-Coat
Million Style Effect Top Coat C01 No Smoke Without Fire
Moon Rock Effect Nail Lacquer 05 Moonlight Berriage
Noir Lacquer 04 Noir Bleu
Ombré Top Coat 01 Colour of Change
001 Silver Starlet (Moments of Glamour LE)
C03 Colour Bomb (Revoltaire LE)
C04 Rosebuddy (Eve In Bloom LE)
C04 Moonlight Express (Out Of Space LE)
C02 Make Fast At Tiffany's (Crème Fresh LE)
C04 Entering Altantis (Le Grand Bleu LE)
C05 Metalfusion (Metallure LE)
C01 Pearlescent Purpose (Viennart LE)*
C03 LilART Lily (Viennart LE)*
C01 Mystic Moments (Visionary LE)
C03 Greencard to Surreality (Visionary LE)
C04 Greyhound to Nowhere (Visionary LE)
C01 L'Ombre À Sanssouci (Rock-O-Co LE)
C02 Lilas Bleus (Rock-O-Co LE)
C01 Taupe-less (Nude Purism LE)*
C02 Barely Pink (Nude Purism LE)*
C03 Pure Blue (Nude Purism LE)*
C04 Naked Brown (Nude Purism LE)* 
C05 Ruling Red (Lala Berlin LE)
C03 Nomaddicted to Red (Nomadic Traces LE)
C04 Trip Into The Blue (Nomadic Traces LE)
C02 Grey Country (Travel de Luxe LE)
C02 Quel blue turquoise (L'Afrique, c'est chic LE)
C02 Honey Blossom (Kaviar Gauche LE)
C03 Love Me Tender (Kaviar Gauche LE)
C03 Minimalistic Mint (Sense of Simplicity LE)
C01 Mystic Moss (Fallosophy LE)
C02 Mauving Leaves (Fallosophy LE)
C03 Berrytale (Fallosophy LE)
C01 Greatly Greyish (Zensibility LE)
C02 P(R)ETROL (Retrospective LE)*
C04 Return To REDtro (Retrospective LE)*

China Glaze
Too Yacht To Handle
Treble Maker (Electric Nights LE)
First Mate (Anchores Away LE)

Black Light Top Coat
Concrete Base Coat
Access All Areas
Ahoy Sailor 
A List
Beach Hut
Birthday Blue
Check Mate
Cookies & Cream
Cutie Pie
Dangerous Affair
Double Bubblegum
Gold Digga
Island Hopping
Naughty or Nice
Life's a Peach
Pecan Pie
Pillow Fight
Pom Pom
Prima Ballerina
Purple Rain-Bow
Raspberry Collins
Rom Com Rouge
Skinny Dip
Shady Lady
Snow Globe
Speed Dial
Tweed and Tails
Twinset & Pearls
Unrestricted Glam
Yule Rules

147 weiß
Blue Gel
Leather Look Effect Cuir Blue
Liquid Metal Gold
Liquid Metal Purple 
Liquid Metal Rose Gold
Magical Unicorn
Marshmallow Dream
Mean Green
Mirror Green
Purple Neon
Purple Satin
Neon Fluorescent Beach
Neon Fluorescent White Neons

Colour Alike

Edding LAQUE
169 Bright Burgundy

Colour & Care Strengthening Nail Polish 03 Happy Nails
Colour & Care Strengthening Nail Polish 05 You Made My Day
Colour & Go 33 Just in case!
Colour & Go 37 Just rock it!
Colour & Go 38 Choose me!
Colour & Go 39 Lime up!
Colour & Go 43 Where is the party?
Colour & Go 50 Irreplaceable
Colour & Go 53 You Belong To Me
Colour & Go 54 Trust in Fashion
Colour & Go 56 Got a Secret
Colour & Go 63 Reach Peach
Colour & Go 64 Be optimistic!
Colour & Go 72 Time For Romance
Colour & Go 81 No Doubt
Colour & Go 84 Midnight Charm
Colour & Go 106 Free Hugs
Colour & Go 109 Off to Miami!
Colour & Go 117 I'm so very
Colour & Go 122 Chick Reloaded
Colour & Go 128 Let's Get Lost
Colour & Go 129 The Boy Next Door
Colour & Go 142 Grey-t To Be Here
Colour & Go 144 Black Is Black
Colour & Go 146 That's what I mint!
Colour & Go 147 Miss Universe
Colour & Go 155 Red Ahead
Colour & Go 162 Dare it nude 
Colour & Go 163 Hey, Nude!
Colour & Go 165 Here's my Number
Colour & Go 175 Be berry now!
Colour & Go 176 Headphones on!
Colour & Go 182 Hello Rosy
Colour & Go 189 New York City Call
Colour & Go 196 I ♥ My Blue Jeans
Colour³ Nail Polish 01 Joy to the World! (Happy Holidays LE)
Effect Nail Polish 02 Baby, You're a Firework
Effect Nail Polish 06 Party in a Bottle
Effect Nail Polish 07 Blue-Jeaned 
Effect Nail Polish 12 Bejeweled
Effect Nail Polish 17 Never Stop Dreaming 
Effect Nail Polish 18 That's My Pop Cake!
Effect Nail Polish 19 Gold Fingers
Effect Nail Polish 23 Rock My World
Effect Nail Polish 24 Party Never Ends
Effect Nail Polish 25 Live, Laugh & Party
Effect Nail Polish 28 Truth or dare?
Effect Nail Polish 31 #rebel
Effect Nail Polish 32 The Black Cat
Effect Nail Polish 33 Flashy Wonderland
Effect Nail Polish 34 The pink bang!
Effect Nail Polish 37 The White Bunny
Freestyle & Tip Painter 09 Mysterious Black
French Manicure Set 02 So natural!
Gold Topper 01 Steel-ing the Scene (Metal Glam LE)
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 02 Made With Love
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 03 My Wishlist
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 04 What a Grey-t Night!
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 05 Meet Me At The Chimney
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 06 Sweet Caramel Sweets
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 07 Winter Wonderland
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 08 My Dear Reindeer
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 09 The Night of Magic
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 10 Do you hear the jingle bells?
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 11 Kiss Under The Mistletoe
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 12 Berry-Tale
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 13 Rudolph's Favorite
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 14 Have A Very Pink X-Mas!
I ♥ Trends Nail Polish 15 From Me To You
I ♥ Trends The Darks 16 Well Plum
I ♥ Trends The Darks 17 Indigo To Go
I ♥ Trends The Darks 20 Turn On The Black
I ♥ Trends The Darks 15 Red I Am
I ♥ Trends The Darks 18 Happy New Green
I ♥ Trends The Nudes 02 I Nude It
I ♥ Trends The Nudes 05 Pure Soul*
I ♥ Trends The Nudes 07 Hope for Love
I ♥ Trends The Nudes 08 Crunchy Cake
I ♥ Trends The Nudes 09 You're So Beautiful
I ♥ Trends The Nudes 10 Nude Sweet Nude 
I ♥ Trends The Pastels 01 So Lucky
I ♥ Trends The Pastels 02 Sun is Smiling
I ♥ Trends The Pastels 03 I'm So Fluffy
I ♥ Trends The Pastels 05 Yummy Gummy
I ♥ Trends The Pastels 07 Bubble Bath 
I ♥ Trends The Pastels 13 Ice To Meet You*
I ♥ Trends The Pastels 14 Sunny London
I ♥ Trends The Porcelains 50 Make Up Your Mint
I ♥ Trends The Porcelains 51 It's a Sweet Life
I ♥ Trends The Porcelains 53 When Tomorrow Comes
I ♥ Trends The Whites 42 Call Me Rosie
I ♥ Trends Top Coat 01 Snowflakes Are Kisses Sent From Heaven
I ♥ Trends Top Coat 01 Message From the North Pole
I ♥ Trends Top Coat 02 Candy Cane Lemonade
I ♥ Trends Top Coat 03 Add on magic!
I ♥ Trends Top Coat 04 North Pole Princess
I ♥ Trends Top Coat 05 See You In My Dreams!
Light Reflection Top Coat 28 Magic Play of Light*
Multi Dimension Nail Polish 19 Rock'n'Roll
Multi Dimension Nail Polish 20 Fatal
Multi Dimension Nail Polish 42 Dress to Party
Multi Dimension Nail Polish 53 All Access
Multi Dimension Nail Polish 55 Spot On
Multi Dimension Nail Polish 62 Must-Have
Multi Dimension Nail Polish 65 Midnight Rocker
Multi Dimension Nail Polish 68 Perfectly True
Multi Dimension Nail Polish 73 Replay
Nail Art Cracking Top Coat 01 Crack me! Black
Nail Art Cracking Top Coat 02 Crack me! White
Nail Art Cracking Top Coat 03 Crack me! Blue
Nail Art Magnetics 02 Hex Hex!
Nail Art Magnetics 03 Magic Wand!
Nail Art Magnetics 06 Spell Bound!
Nail Art Sparkle Sand 24 I Feel Gritty!
Nail Art Stampy Polish 001 Stamp me! White
Nail Art Stampy Polish 002 Stamp me! Black
Nail Art Top Coat 25 Let Stars Rain Down On Me
Nail Art Twins Reloaded 01 Bella
Nail Candies 06 Soda Pop & Candy Shop
Nail Candies 07 Marshfellows
No Make-Up Look Polish 01 Powdery Rose*
No Make-Up Look Polish 03 Powdery Nude
Nude Glam 01 Hazelnut Cream Pie
Show Your Feet 08 Divalicious Red
Show Your Feet 12 Midnight Glam
Show Your Feet 29 Mint & Cream
Show Your Feet 31 Cotton Candy
Special Effect Topper 01 It's Purplicious
Special Effect Topper 02 Circus Confetti
Special Effect Topper 08 Night in Vegas
Special Effect Topper 10 Glorious Aquarius
Special Effect Topper 11 Disco Disco 
Special Effect Topper 13 Mrs and Mr Glitter
Special Effect Topper 17 Only Purple Matters
Special Effect Topper 19 Bird of Paradise
Special Effect Topper 23 Million Dollar Baby
The Gel Nail Polish 04 Our Sweetest Day*
The Gel Nail Polish 05 Sweet As Candy
The Gel Nail Polish 07 Party Princess
The Gel Nail Polish 11 4 Ever Young*
The Gel Nail Polish 13 Forgive Me
The Gel Nail Polish 14 Do You Speak Love?
The Gel Nail Polish 20 Beautiful Lies
The Gel Nail Polish 21 A Whisper of Spring
The Gel Nail Polish 24 Indian Summer
The Gel Nail Polish 25 Prince Charming*
The Gel Nail Polish 31 Electriiiic
The Gel Nail Polish 32 Discreet Agent
The Gel Nail Polish 33 Wild White Ways
The Gel Nail Polish 37 Serendipity
The Gel Nail Polish 39 Blue Bobble Di Blue
The Gel Nail Polish 40 Play With My Mint
The Gel Nail Polish 44 On air!
The Gel Nail Polish 47 Va-Va-Voom*
The Gel Nail Polish 48 My Love Diary
The Gel Nail Polish 49 Turn the lights on!
The Gel Nail Polish 50 I Feel Good
The Gel Nail Polish 51 Miss Captain*
The Gel Nail Polish 52 Amazed By You*
The Gel Nail Polish 53 Rock My World!*
The Gel Nail Polish 54 Dream On
The Gel Nail Polish 56 You and me?
The Gel Nail Polish 67 Love Me Like You Do
The Jellys 32 Hot Jungle Fever
Thermo Nail Polish 02 Play It Cool!
Thermo Nail Polish 04 The Heat Is On
Vintage Style Topcoat 30 Sweet Memories
02 BBC Chasing Waves (Sun Club LE) 
02 Into The Night (Moonlight LE)
01 Street Styler (Urban Messages LE)
05 Wall of Fame (Urban Messages LE)
02 Bad Girl (Cute as Hell LE)
06 Sleepy (Snow White LE)
08 Dopey (Snow White LE)
02 Lil@c ( LE)
02 Into The Dark (Vampire's Love LE)
02 Always in my Mint (Me & My Ice Cream LE)
04 Icylicious (Me & My Ice Cream LE)
02 Dive Deeper (Into The Ocean LE)
01 Dark Night Starlight (Dark Romance LE)
03 Moonless Nights (Dark Romance LE)
04 Gothic Gold (Dark Romance LE)
01 Jacob's Protection (Breaking Dawn LE)
01 Absolut Blue (Kalinka Beauty LE)
02 I got a crush on blue! (Love Letters LE)
04 Dear Peach! (Love Letters LE)
05 Inkheart (Love Letters LE)
01 Blow My Mint (Bloom Me Up! LE)
02 Yummie, Yummie! (Cookies & Cream LE)
04 Macaron, c'est bon! (Cookies & Cream LE)
01 Hit the Road, Red! (Road Trip LE)
02 On the Road again (Road Trip LE)
03 I don't care! I love it! (Road Trip LE)
04 My Sweet Escape (Road Trip LE)
04 Crush on Blue (Wave Goddess LE)
01 Bubble Gum (Yes, We Pop LE)
01 Hey Smiley (Yes, We Pop LE)
03 Hello Hipsters (Yes, We Pop LE)
04 Under the Sea (Aquatix LE)
01 Hello Sweetheart (Good Girl, Bad Girl LE)
04 Caught in the Middle (Good Girl, Bad Girl LE)
01 Nothing but Lovestoned (Like an Unforgettable Kiss LE)
02 Always On My Mint (Like an Unforgettable Kiss LE)
03 You Let My Heart Skip a Beat (Like an Unforgettable Kiss LE)
01 The Most Wonderful Tree (Come to Town LE)
01 Naughty or Nice? (Come to Town LE)
01 Snow Alert! (Snow Flake Topper, Mountain Calling LE)*
01 Today is Fun Day (Mountain Calling LE)*
02 We Love Winter Holidays! (Mountain Calling LE)
03 Let's Climb Mount Beauty (Mountain Calling LE)*
04 Snow Alert (Mountain Calling LE)*
01 Enter Wonderland (Hidden Stories LE)
02 Enchanted by Hint of Mint (Hidden Stories LE)
04 Where did I park my unicorn? (Hidden Stories LE)
02 Best Hip Hop (Rock Out!! LE)
01 Sing, Sweet Nightingale (Cinderella LE)
02 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (Cinderella LE)
01 Make Life A Festival (Love & Sound LE)
02 Blue-Chella (Love & Sound LE)
03 Glastonberry (Love & Sound LE)
04 Feel The Vibe (Love & Sound LE)
02 Hola, Guapa (Arriba LE)
02 Macarena Mint (Arriba LE)
03 Red Corazon (Arriba LE)
04 La Vida Loca (Arriba LE)
01 Chica Bonita (Arriba LE)
02 Festival of Colours (Arriba LE)
01 Ahoy, Boy! (NautiGirl LE)
02 Oh Captain, My Captain! (NautiGirl LE)
04 Crew First! (NautiGirl LE)
01 Swimming Pool To Go (Secret Party LE)
03 Pink Up Your Life (Secret Party LE)
05 Autumn & The City (Hello Autumn LE)
05 Pretty You! (Happy Girls Are Pretty LE)
01 Freak Out! (Urbaniced LE)
01 The Masked Ball (Merry Berry LE)
01 Back To Black (All That Greys LE)
03 Grey Times (All That Greys LE)
04 Girl With A Pearl (All That Greys LE)
05 Roaring Red (All That Greys LE)
01 L.O.V.E. Blah Blah Blah (Valentine - Who Cares?! LE)
02 Talk To The Hand (Valentine - Who Cares?! LE)
03 Crew love is True Love (Valentine - Who Cares?! LE)
04 Love Is In The Air - Don't Breathe! (Valentine - Who Cares?! LE)
03 Take Me To The Clouds (Me And My Umbrella LE)*
04 I Have My Pocket Full Of Sunshine (Me And My Umbrella LE)*

A List
Angora Cardi
Bachelorette Bash
Bahama Mama
Ballet Slippers
Big Spender
Bikini So Teeny (US)
Bobbing for Baubles
Carry On
Cocktail Bling
Cute as a Button 
Devil's Advocate
Fashion Playground (US)
Go Ginza
In Stitches
Lady Like
Lapiz of Luxury
Maximilian Strasse Her
Mint Candy Apple
Mint Candy Apple (US)
Nice is Nice
Russian Roulette
Sand Tropez 
Shearling Darling (US)
Smokin Hot
Sole Mate
Spin the Bottle
Thigh High
Turquoise & Caicos
Vanity Fairest
Gel Couture Model Clicks
Repstyle Polish Lil' Boa Peep
Mojito Madness (Bikini So Teeny LE '12)
Penny Talk (Mirror Metallics LE '12) 
Good as Gold (Mirror Metallics LE '12)
No More Film (Resort Collection '12)
Butler Please (Leading Lady '12)
Camera (Poppy Razzi LE '12)
Stylenomics (Fall Collection '12)
Stroke of Brilliance (Luxeffects LE '13)
Shake Your $$ Makers (Neon Collection '13)
Belugaria (Encrusted Treasure LE '14)
Fiji (Pastell LE '14)
Romper Room (US Version, Hide & Go Chic LE '14)
Hide & Go Chic (US Version, Hide & Go Chic LE '14)
Find Me An Oasis (Resort Fling LE '14)
Resort Fling (Resort Fling LE '14)
Cocktails & Coconuts (Resort Fling LE '14)
Serial Shopper (Too Taboo LE '14)
Urban Jungle (Haute in the Heat LE '14)
Roarrrange (Haute in the Heat LE '14)
Ruffles and Feathers (Haute in the Heat LE '14)
Haute in the Heat (Haute in the Heat LE '14)
Fierce, No Fear (Haute in the Heat LE '14)
Partner in Crime (Dress to Kilt LE '14)
Take it Outside (Dress to Kilt LE '14) 
The Perfect Cover Up (Dress to Kilt LE '14)
Pinking About You (Breast Cancer Awareness Collection '14)
Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low (Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low LE '14)
Tuck it in my Tux (Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low LE '14)
Summit of Style (Luxeffects LE '15)
Blossom Dandy (Flowerista LE '15)
Flowerista (Flowerista LE '15)
Petal Pushers (Flowerista LE '15)
Stones N' Roses (Resort Collection '15)
Hubby for Dessert (Wedding LE '15)
Brides No Grooms (Wedding LE '15)
Tying the Knotie (Wedding LE '15)
Need A Vacation (Pastell LE '15)
Chillato (Peach Side Babe LE '15)
Sunset Sneaks (Peach Side Babe LE '15)
Saltwater Happy (Peach Side Babe LE '15)
Make Some Noise (Make Some Noise LE '15 US)
All Access Pass (Make Some Noise LE '15 US)
Coacha 'bella (Make Some Noise LE '15 US)
Vibrant Vibes (Make Some Noise LE '15 US)
Groove is in the Heart (Make Some Noise LE '15 US)
Spun in Luxe (Cashmere Mattes LE '15)
Leggy Legend (Leggy Legend LE '15)
Frock'n'Roll (Leggy Legend LE '15)
With The Band (Leggy Legend LE '15)
Shall We Chalet? (Virgin Snow LE '15)
Peak Show (Virgin Snow LE '15)
White Page (Silk Watercolor)
Mrs Always-Right (Mrs Always-Right LE '16)
Between the Seats (Mrs Always-Right LE '16)
Starry Starry Night (Retro Revival US)
Loot The Booty (Viva Antigua LE '16)
Coconut Cove (Viva Antigua LE '16)
Playing Koi (Kimono Over LE '16)

227 (weiß, sheer)
228 (rot)
401 (orange) 
Black Dot 01 (grau)
Black Dot 05 (blau) 
Duo Chrome 03 (bronze)
Duo Chrome 07 (blau)
Feather Look White Swan
Full Colour Nail Enamel Mystical Getaway
Full Colour Nail Enamel Pebbles On The Beach
Glitter 04 (gold)
Glitter 05 (schwarz)
Graffiti Nails 11 (silber)
Graffiti Nails 14 (pink)
Icy Top 01 (blau)
Icy Top 03 (grün)
Icy Top 04 (weiß)
Light Summer 03 (blau)
Matte 12 (blau)
Nail Art 09 (gold)
Super Neon Colors 007 (grün)
Super Neon Colors 015 (blau)
Wet Look 03 (blau)

F.U.N. Lacquer
24 Karat Diamond (H)
Blessing (H)
Secret (H)

Glam Polish
Schadenfreude (Alphabet City LE)
The Internet is for Pourn (Alphabet City LE)

Midnight Passion
Mint Green
Space Race
Strawberry Cream

Il était un vernis
Cabernet Sauvignon

Magnetics Green

Amelia (It Girl LE)
Mackenzie (It Girl LE)

243 Plum Red
245 Pearly Dark Ruby
264 Dark Violet
265 China Blue
281 Mango
297 Acid Green
303 Beige Chrome
317 Rosa Antico Scuro
319 Light Dove
336 Electric Blue
340 Light Blue
347 Verde Scuro
365 Tattoo Rose
372 Nude
381 Purple Grey
389 Mint Milk
434 Psychedelic Blue
497 Pearly Indian Violet
525 Mint
529 Metallic Beetle
609 Blue
665 Violet
812 Mahagony
858 Metallic Rosy Taupe
Cupcake Nail Lacquer 655 Mint
Cupcake Nail Lacquer 656 Pistachio
Laser Nail Lacquer 434 Psychedelic Blue 
Magnetic Nail Lacquer 704 Purple
Magnetic Nail Lacquer 706 Deep Green
Magnetic Nail Lacquer 707 Charcoal
Mirror Nail Lacquer 616 Mirror
Rock-Top Nail Lacquer 609 Blue
Sugar Mat Nail Lacquer 631 Peach

Lacura Beauty
Mirror Shine Bronze
Mirror Shine Gold

LA Splash
Baby Octopus
Sparkling Sand

L'Oréal Paris
552 Rubis Folies
556 Grenat Irrévérent
Color Riche 201 Rose Paradis
Color Riche 828 Flashing Lilac
Color Riche 829 Atomic Purple
916 Confetti Topper 
001 Snow in Megeve (Dark Sides of Grey LE)


Quick Dry 60 Seconds 11A (weiß) 
Quick Dry 60 Seconds 12G (braun)
Quick Dry 60 Seconds 26S (lila) 
Quick Dry 60 Seconds 33S (orange)
Quick Dry 60 Seconds 44S (rot)
Quick Dry 60 Seconds 46M (pink)
Quick Dry 60 Seconds 101S (blau)
Lotus Effect 10S Glitter Gold
Lotus Effect 50S (rosa)
Lotus Effect 65W (bordeaux)
Lotus Effect 71S (mint)
Last & Shine 200 Sweet Creams
Last & Shine 250 Be a Queen!
Last & Shine 380 Candlelight Dinner
Last & Shine 410 Heart Of Stone
Last & Shine 470 On The Dancefloor
Last & Shine 500 Hot Brownie
Last & Shine 540 Dark Dance
Last & Shine 550 Gimme More
Last & Shine 560 Red Night
Last & Shine 630 Be My Baby
Last & Shine 700 Soft Orchid
Last & Shine 740 Smoking Purple
Last & Shine 750 Don't Panic
Last & Shine 760 Moscow Night
Last & Shine 910 I'm An Original
Last & Shine 920 Smokey Nails
Blau (Crazy Colours)
Dunkelgrün (Crazy Colours) 
29Z (Manhattan ♥s Playboy LE)
003 Very Veggie (Bonnie Strange LE)
004 Black Trash (Bonnie Strange LE)
004 Laguna Love (Club Lights LE)
004 Runway Rose (Marcel Ostertag LE)
2 Cheeky Cherry (Rouge Lálá LE)
002 Ni Hao In The Morning (Blogger's Choice LE)
005 Frozen Margarita (Birthday Colours LE)
012 Cupcake Addicted (Birthday Colours LE)
015 Birthday Kiss (Birthday Colours LE)
020 Strawberry Cake (Birthday Colours LE) 
002 Rosy Ruby (Midnight @ Times Square LE)
10M (Matt Effect Nail Polish)
40M (Matt Effect Nail Polish)
Matt Top Coat

Max Factor
Mini Nail Polish 05 Sunny Pink

Color Show 10 Spotlight
Color Show 77 Nebline
Color Show 104 Noite de Gal
Color Show 110 Urban Coral
Color Show 130 Marinho
Color Show 150 Mauve Kiss
Color Show 214 Green With Envy
Color Show 265 Wine Shimmer
Color Show 331 Pink Party Dress
Color Show 337 Black Magic
Color Show 357 Burgundy Kiss
Color Show 465 Brick Shimmer
Color Show 549 Midnight Taupe
Color Show 661 Ocean Blue
Color Show 677 Blackout 
Color Show 749 Electric Yellow
Color Show 754 Pow Green
Color Show 241 Sun Flair (Bleached Neons LE)
Color Show 242 Coral Heat (Bleached Neons LE)
Color Show 221 Woven Skyline (Brocades LE)
Color Show 220 Knitted Gold (Brocades LE)
Color Show 234 Green Depth (Crystallize LE)
Color Show 01 Boom Box Black (Street Artist LE)
Color Show 02 White Splatter (Street Artist LE)
Color Show 03 Urban Vibe (Street Artist LE)
Color Show 04 Alley Attitude (Street Artist LE)
Color Show 212 Mudslide Tote (Vintage Leather LE)
Color Show 245 Lilac Rebel (Acid Wash Effect LE)
Color Show 246 Mint-Acid-Ittude (Acid Wash Effect LE) 
Color Show 400 Grey Beats (Vinyl LE)
Color Show 418 Light it up (Be Brilliant LE)*
Color Show 419 Spark the Night (Be Brilliant LE)*
Color Show 420 Skyline Blue (Be Brilliant LE)*
Color Show 421 Purple Dazzle (Be Brilliant LE)*
Color Show 430 Bouquet (Rebel Bouquet LE)
Color Show 424 NY Lover (All Access NY LE)
Color Show 436 Crushed Cayenne (Sweet & Spicy LE)
Color Show 444 Red Reaction (Suit Style LE)
Color Show 441 Hanging From The Chandelier (Celebrate! LE)
Color Show 447 Dusty Rose (The Blushed Nudes LE)
Color Show 450 Crushed Petals (The Blushed Nudes LE)
Color Show Designer Art Pen Gold
Color Show Designer Art Pen Turquoise
My Varnish 657 (blau)
My Varnish 749 (gelb)
Super Stay 255 Mauve On
Super Stay 287 Rouge Couture Midnight Red 
Super Stay 501 Rouge Laqué Cherry Sin
Super Stay 639 Jean Brut Dark Denim
Super Stay 788 Chocolat Cocoa
Super Stay 868 Push Velvet
Super Stay 869 Emerald Excess

219 Wild Passion
435 Pebbles
560 Crocodile
735 Cherish An Illusion
Gel Effect Duo 320 Marvelous Nude
Lovely Nails 126 Into the Blue
Cold Raspberry (Forbidden Fruits LE)*
Kiwi Bomb (Forbidden Fruits LE)* 
Sweet Blackberry (Forbidden Fruits LE)
Illuminating Power (Neon Matte LE)

Models Own
Fuzzy Peach
Thunder and Lightening
True Blue
Apple Pie (Fruit Pastel Collection)
Blueberry Muffin (Fruit Pastel Collection)
Grape Juice (Fruit Pastel Collection)
Strawberry Tart (Fruit Pastel Collection) 
Hedonist (Hed Kani LE)
Dancing Queen (Mirror Ball LE)

Moo Moo's Signatures
Ancient Spellbook

Nail Sauce
Love Me or Leaf Me
Mistletoe Smooches
Pumpkin Patch

Nails Inc London
Beaded Polish Belgravia
Beaded Polish Covent Garden
Beaded Polish Embankment
Beaded Polish Hampstead

Long Wearing Burnt Orange
Expert Last Platinum Card

162 Frizzy Spots
202 Black Plum

Bogotá Blackberry
Malaysian Mist
Mod About You 
Tickle My France-Y
Light My Sapphire
Lincoln Park After Dark
Green-wich Village (Mod About Brights Collection)
The "It" Color (Mod About Brights Collection)
Lost On Lombard (San Francisco Fall LE)
Today I Accoplished Zero (Coca Cola Collection)
You Are So Outta Lime! (Neon Collection)
Miss Peggy's Big Number (Muppets Most Wanted LE)
I Love Applause (Muppets Most Wanted LE)
Kermit Me To Speak (Muppets Most Wanted LE)
Chillin' Like a Villain (Muppets Most Wanted LE)
Cuckoo For This Color (Swiss Collection)
DS Glow (Designer Collection)
Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs (Germany LE)
Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue (Germany LE)
Rising Star (Burlesque LE)
Take The Stage (Burlesque LE)
The Show Must Go On (Burlesque LE)
Ali's Big Break (Burlesque LE)
Lost On Lomarb (San Francisco LE)
Fly (Nicki Minaj Collection)
Suzi Takes The Wheel (Touring America Collection)
Silent Stars Go By (Mariah Carey '13)
Baby Please Come Home (Mariah Carey '13)
Make Him Mine (Mariah Carey '13)
I Sing In Color (Gwen Stefani Collection)
My Dogsled is a Hybrid (Nordic Collection)
Do You Have This Colour in Stock-holm? (Nordic Collection)
My Voice is a Little Nurse (Nordic Collection)
How Great is Your Dane? (Nordic Collection)
My Silk Tie (Fifty Shades of Grey Collection)
Dark Side of the Mood (Fifty Shades of Grey Collection)
Romantically Involved (Fifty Shades of Grey Collection)
Embrace the Gray (Fifty Shades of Grey Collection)
Shine for Me (Fifty Shades of Grey Collection)
Cement the Deal (Fifty Shades of Grey Collection)
Aloha From OPI (Hawaii Collection '15)
Lost My Bikini in Molokini (Hawaii Collection '15)
Suzi Shops & Island Hops (Hawaii Collection '15)
That's Hula-rious! (Hawaii Collection '15) 

Buried Treasure
Life's A Peach
French Manicure Tip Softest White
FX Pink Your World
Glowstick (Feel The Vibe LE)
Key Lime Twist (Sugar High LE)
Thrill Seeker (Adrenaline Rush LE)

Colour Victim 016 Chic
Colour Victim 190 Fancy
Colour Victim 210 Eternal
Colour Victim 333 Be My Guy
Colour Victim 334 Heat Some Cocoa
Colour Victim 541 Night Out
Colour Victim 590 Who cares?!
Colour Victim 601 Good luck!
Colour Victim 620 Artful
Colour Victim 622 Remember Me
Colour Victim 920 Up in the air!
Colour Victim 672 Sandy Time 
Colour Victim 820 Boat Trip
Colour Victim 860 Ready To Rock!
Colour Victim 980 Sashimi Ship
Colour Victim 993 Lovely Madness
Colour Victim 996 Before Sunrise
Crackling Top Coat 010 Black Explosion
Crackling Top Coat 020 Silver Blast
Crackling Top Coat 030 Golden Rush
Crackling Top Coat 050 Pink Shock
Crisp + Colour Polish 020 Peach Icing
Easy Gel Polish 010 Exquisite Grey 
Easy Gel Polish 080 Faded Brick
Easy Gel Polish 160 Perfect Punch
Glamorous Finish 040 Just fantastic!
Hypnotic Lights 3D Polish 040 Cockadoo
Last Forever 071 Adore Me! 
Last Forever 110 Dating Time
Last Forever 160 Love Connection
Last Forever 190 Hold Me Tight!
Last Forever 211 Who do you love?
Leather Matt 070 Insider's Diary
Lost In Glitter 020 Get gorgeous!
Lost In Glitter 031 Crazy natural!
Lost In Glitter 080 Go dangerous!
Lost In Glitter 090 Live Intensely!
Lost In Glitter 100 Think Big!
Metal Reflection Polish 040 Purple Pop
Nail Foundation 030 Skin 
Perfect Look Beauty Nails 020 Rosy Touch
Rich Care + Colour 040 So Fresh
Rich Care + Colour 080 So Sweet
Sand Style 040 Illegal
Sand Style 060 Strict
Sand Style 070 Pretty
Sand Style 090 Opulent
Techno Chrome Polish 080 Enchanted Forest
Volume Gloss 007 Love Agent
Volume Gloss 010 Little Princess
Volume Gloss 020 Business Woman 
Volume Gloss 030 Sweet Darling
Volume Gloss 021 Young Miss
Volume Gloss 060 Happy Bride
Volume Gloss 070 Funky Babe
Volume Gloss 100 Heavenly Girl
Volume Gloss 120 Urban Queen
Volume Gloss 130 Fresh Sister
Volume Gloss 150 Cute Girl
Volume Gloss 180 Miss Velvet
Volume Gloss 210 Diva Expressiva
Volume Gloss 240 Royal Beauty 
Volume Gloss 270 Geek Freak
Volume Gloss 330 Cream Maker
Volume Gloss 360 Zen Gardener
Volume Gloss 410 Flirty Florist
Volume Gloss 430 Deal Hunter
040 Fifth Avenue (Sun City LE)
020 Golden Glow (Mirror Mirror on the Wall LE)
020 Flashing Pink (Beauty Rebel LE)
040 Italy (Match It LE)
Simply Matt Nail Top Coat (Red I Love U! LE)
010 Brown Splendor (Gold & Crown LE)
040 Purple Charism (Gold & Crown LE)
010 I don't care! (Winter... Who Cares?! LE)
020 Never mind! (Winter... Who Cares?! LE)
030 Even now! (Winter... Who Cares?! LE)
040 Play up! (Winter... Who Cares?! LE)
050 For that reason! (Winter... Who Cares?! LE)
060 No matter! (Winter... Who Cares?! LE)
040 Illuminating Green (Inspired by Light LE)
020 Mint Flavour (Just Dream Like LE)
021 Mint Flavour Dots (Just Dream Like LE)
041 Lilac Joy Dots (Just Dream Like LE)
010 Runaway (Beauty Goes Safari LE)
020 Free of Bonds (Beauty Goes Safari LE)
030 Unforgettable (Beauty Goes Safari LE)
020 Painting Black (Culture Spirit LE) 
010 Powerful (Holi Beauty LE)
040 Winding Fjord (Brave & Beautiful LE)
070 Blackberry Passion (All About Berries LE)
080 Plum Passion (All About Berries LE)
030 One Miracle (I Love My p2 Collection LE)
020 Glazed Celadon (Blossom Stories LE)
020 #fancy (Festival Spirit LE)

Picture Polish
Big Bang
Nemesis (Vampy Chameleons LE)

Highland Green

Posh Polish 

Glow in the Dark Nailpolish Pink
Leather Effect
Pastell Apricot
Pastell Blau
Pastell Lila
Pastell Rot
P.S. Love... Nail Art Pen Trio
Spotty grau
Spotty rosa
Boom Pop (Angelica)
Cherry Berry (Angelica)
Pink Ladies (Angelica) 
Springbreak (Angelica)

Pure Ice

Rimmel London
819 Green With Envy
853 Pillow Talk

Rival de Loop
High Gloss Nail Colour 73 
High Shine Nail Colour 09
High Shine Nail Colour 12
High Shine Nail Colour 18
High Shine Nail Colour 403 
Long Lasting Nail Colour 18
Long Lasting Nail Colour 49 
Nude Pearl Nail Colour 01
01 Jolie Green (Jolie Fleur LE)
04 Jolie Beige (Jolie Fleur LE)
01 Soft Yellow (Sorbet Nail Collection)
03 Glam Medal (Glam Sensation LE)
01 Pure Beige (Pure Moments LE)
02 Pure Camel (Pure Moments LE)
03 Pure Brown (Pure Moments LE)
02 Rose (Gel Like & Matt LE)

Rival de Loop Young
01 Dreamland
03 Cute Candy
12 Coconut Milk
26 High Society
27 Romantic Cloud
28 Lucky Charm
31 Magic Dream
32 Waterfall
37 Time for Taupe
Express Colour 03 Greenade
Express Colour 07 Missy
Express Colour 14 Atlantis
Gel Look Nail Colour 01 Miami Beach*
Gel Look Nail Colour 05 Night Rythmn*
Gel Look Nail Colour 07 Blue Lagoon*
Gel Look Nail Colour 09 Lazy Days*
Glitter Nails 06 Glamour D'Amour
04 Sunkissed (Golden Glow LE)
02 Foo Whiters (Rock it! LE)
03 Red Zeppelin (Rock it! LE)
04 Greyvana (Rock it! LE)
01 Little Carnival (Pocket Me LE)
02 Pocket Rock (Pocket Me LE)
03 Mini Lametta (Pocket Me LE)
04 Dancing Diva (Queen of the Night LE)
04 Bright Sky (Blogger's Collection)
01 Feel Like A Flamingo (Welcome to Miami LE)
02 Chillin' at South Beach (Welcome to Miami LE)
06 Splash (Gel Star LE)
01 Glitz & Glamour (Hollywood Fever LE)
03 Walk of Fawn (Hollywood Fever LE)
03 Apple Green (Cupcake LE)

Sally Hansen
160 Shell We Dance
171 Bleach Babe
370 Commander in Chic
550 All Fired Up
610 Red Zin 
670 Midnight in NY
672 Jaded
Xtreme Wear 140 Rockstar Pink
Starcrossed (Go Baroque LE)
24K Dipped (Guilty Pleasures LE)
Luxe Tux (Guilty Pleasures LE)
Deluxe (Velvet Texture LE)
Highgrey to Heaven (Designer Collection '15)

L07 Valentine
L16 Curacao

Sinful Colours
Starry Night
Vacation Time
SinfulShine Most Sinful

3D Effect/Virtual Top 326
Chrom & Chromatic 332
Sophisticated 324

Takko Lacquer
Shake me, baby! (Kitsch LE)

Trend it Up
Double Volume & Shine Nail Polish 030
Double Volume & Shine Nail Polish 090
Double Volume & Shine Nail Polish 150
Double Volume & Shine Nail Polish 190
Double Volume & Shine Nail Polish 270
N°1 Nail Polish 90
N°1 Nail Polish 110
Touch of Satin 010
Touch of Satin 050
040 (Sparkling Glamour LE)
050 (Sparkling Glamour LE)
050 (Magical Illusion LE)
030 (Touch of Vintage LE)
030 (Individual Beauty LE)

UMA Cocmetics
Love2Colours Duo Nailpolish 05 Nail Candy
Beautiful Berrytale
Keep Rolin'
Lametta Me Blue (Snow Flow LE)

Megalast Through the Grapevine
Megalast I Need a Refresh-Mint
Mega Rocks Glitter Slap the Bass
Spoiled I Don't Drink Cheap Wine
Wild Shine Blue Moon
Wild Shine Burgundy Frost
Wild Shine Kaleidoscope
Wild Shine Lavender Crème
Wild Shine Night Prowl
Wild Shine Ready to Propose/Proposition
Wild Shine Red Red
Wild Shine Sparked
Wild Shine Tickled Pink
Megalast A Latte Love (Silver Lake LE)


009 Peel Off
66 Speckled
G4-2 Concrete
G15-3 Neon

I Love Grey Set
I Love Orange Set
Neonnagellack Nr. 01 (orange)
Neonnagellack Nr. 02 (pink)
Neonnagellack Nr. 05 (blau)
Nagellack Nr. 02 (nude)
Nagellack Nr. 05 (petrol)
Nagellack Nr. 10 (blau)

Yves Rocher
34 Iris
52 Melon
64 Bleu Givré
71 Menthe
74 Vert Givré

Dazu kommen noch ein paar NoName-Lacke. Macht zusammen 1184 Lacke. :D
Stand: 10.10.2016

*Diese Produkte wurden mir kosten- und bedingungslos zur Verfügung gestellt.


  1. Stolze Sammlung ;) Ich würde wahrscheinlich Wochen sitzen, bevor ich meine ganze Sammlung aufgelistet hätte. Zu zählen habe ich schon lange aufgehört ...

    1. Danke, du glaubst gar nicht, wie gut ich mich fühle, dass andere noch "verrückter" sind. :D Ich habe mit dem swatchen auf Nailtips und Wheels erst vor einem Monat angefangen, dabei hat mir mein Freund geholfen und für mich eine Exeltabelle angelegt. Ohne ihn gäbe es diese Liste wohl nicht, denn ich wäre auch zu faul zum zählen. :D

  2. Super, dass du so eine Übersicht erstellt hast!! Meine lacke werden langsam auch immer mehr und mehr, bald krieg ich ein Platzproblem ;D

    1. Leider schaffe ich es nicht, sie immer auf dem aktuellen Stand zu halten. :D
      Ikea schafft Abhilfe. :D

  3. hey :)
    toller blog, ich folge dir schon länger auf Instagram und find deine Fotos super :)
    mich würde ja schrecklich interessieren, wie du die ganzen Lacke aufbewahrst. Ich hab schon gesehen, dass du das wohl mit Ikea machst, aber ein Foto fänd ich toll, um mal einen Eindruck zu bekommen, wie über 700 Lacke in echt aussehen :D
    tolles Katzenbild <3
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Vielen Dank! :)
      genau, der Helmer von Ikea beherbergt den Großteil meiner Lacke, mittlerweile sind aber einige in seperate Boxen gewandert. Ich bräuchte wohl ein zweites Schränkchen. :D
      Danke! :)

  4. Was für eine tolle Sammlung. 😍 Da bin ich glatt etwas neidisch. :)


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